Springtime Safety Checks

I was just reading a Facebook post where someone had reminded other riders to change the batteries in their key fobs at least once a year.  I’ve never changed mine, so it was a good reminder for me. 

That got me thinking about other checks that riders should do before they take their first ride of the season.  Do you remember the T-CLOCK pre-ride checklist?  Now is the time to do a thorough check of your bike to ensure it’s ready to ride when you are.  My insurance company also published a good reminder of what to check as you are getting ready for the riding season.  Check out this Spring Checklist article.  (No, I’m not endorsing this insurance company.  But, a good idea is a good idea regardless of the source.)

Who else has some good tips for getting ready for the new riding season?  Leave your comments here, or share them at our next Chapter meeting.