DHD Omaha Chapter Nebraska

Kerry H

Welcome to the DHD Omaha HOG chapter.  We have some great officers and they have provided some great activities for us to enjoy on the greatest motorcycle made, Harley Davidson! We will continue to put together different rides for you to enjoy. If you are having fun, tell a friend and bring them along. We welcome anyone that enjoys riding Harley Davidson motorcycles as much as we do.

Defiance Harley Davidson has been a great sponsor for the chapter. This dealership is making a huge impact in the Omaha / Council Bluffs area and has quickly become the premier dealership in this region. There have been big changes in many departments and the selection of motorcycles, general merchandise, and parts is equal to none. The service department has also ramped up and the level of customer satisfaction has never been higher. Harley Davidson has introduced many new models and will be coming out with many more. This will bring in many new riders and the DHD Omaha HOG chapter will welcome those new riders and show them that owning a Harley Davidson is more than just riding, it’s about forming friendships.

The dealership will continue to do many different events throughout the year and the DHD Omaha Chapter will be there supporting the dealership. How many times do you get a chance to enjoy riding and hanging out with a couple hundred of your best friends? If you have been with Harley Davidson for any amount of time, you realize this is more than a passion, it is a lifestyle, you have become part of a huge family.

Keep the rubber side down,

Kerry Hanson

Chapter Manager