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New! Monthly Ride Challenges

DHDHOG Chapter Members – We are changing the Photo Challenge this year and moving it to a monthly challenge. The purpose of the monthly ride challenge is to help us get out and ride more… We just added a little detail to make it fun!

Here’s how it works: Each month at the Chapter Gathering (10:00am on the 3rd Saturday of the month unless posted otherwise) we will announce the monthly photo challenge. Note that it will also be shared in the biweekly email and on Facebook for those who aren’t able to participate in the gathering.

The next step is to get out and ride to as many of the places that are identified in the challenge. Take a picture of you and your bike in front of the item that is a part of the challenge. Each photo will count as one entry in a random drawing at the next Chapter gathering. Each winner will get, not only bragging rights for the month, but also a $20 gift card to Defiance Harley Davidson!

To enter your photos email them to or post them on the Chapter’s Facebook group. For each entry please ensure that you include your name and the location where the photo was taken. All submissions are due by 10:00pm the Wednesday before the next Chapter gathering. The more photos you submit during the month, the more chances you have to win that month’s prize and bragging rights.

Each month will start a new challenge.

Contact Denise S. at if you have questions.

July Photo Challenge

Fire Stations

Each photo posted below earns an entry into a drawing for a $20 gift card from Defiance Harley Davidson!

  • Photos must include your bike.
  • Don’t forget to thank the firemen for their service!
  • Bonus entry if you include them in your photo!
  • Submission Deadline – Wednesday, July 17th @ 10:00PM
  • New Officers for 2024 Announced

    Our Chapter has named several new officers for 2024. First, however, we extend our sincere thanks to our 2023 officers for their leadership over the past year. Now, for 2024 let’s say thanks to the following members who will be leading our Chapter as primary officers:

    • Director – Jerrimy P.
    • Assistant Director – Timm B.
    • Secretary – Lorraine H.
    • Treasurer – Melissa C.
    • Chapter Manager – Kerry H.

    Please take a moment to review the Chapter Officers for 2024 page to see all of the officers that have stepped up to help run the Chapter. If you see an office that is currently vacant and would be interested in stepping into that role reach out to any of the Chapter officers for more information.

    2023 was a fantastic year for the Chapter. Let’s make 2024 even better!

    Mileage Award Winners for 2023

    Congratulations to Ashley P. and James B. for winning the 2023 mileage contest. Ashley rode a total of 16,441 miles over the contest period, while James rode a total of 16,919 miles. Congratulations to both!

    Record Setting Mileage Challenge Results for 2023

    What had started as an aggresive goal for the Chapter’s mileage challenge to meet wound up being beat by 120%. Congratulations to all Chapter members! Now,,, how many miles can we log for 2024?

    Six Seven Eight Chapter Members Earn an “Iron Butt”

    Congratulations to Gary S., Dave R. Russ W, James B., Bill M. and Julie P. for earning their “Iron Butt” credentials over the May 6th weekend. One group rode to Denver and back, while the other group rode to the Ozarks and back.

    And, not to be outdone, Lorraine H. and Melissa C. both decided one morning to go out and earn their”Iron Butt” award on solo rides.

    These members really know how to follow the motto of “Ride and Have Fun”. Congratulate them on their accomplishment, and let’s ask them to share their experiences during our next Chapter gathering.

    We’ve Ridden in EVERY State


    Click on any state to see a list of top rides for that state.

    None 1-2 3-5 6-10 11-20 21+

    Our members have ridden from one end of the country to the other, covering all 50 states plus Washing D.C. Yes, that includes Alaska and Hawaii. How many states have you ridden in?  Let’s fill in the map with all of the states that we have visited on a bike.  It doesn’t matter if you were riding solo, or on a rented bike.  As long as you were enjoying your ride on a Harley.

    Share your list of states that you have ridden in.  Or, if it’s easier, which state’s you have yet to visit.  Send your list in an email to or share it with one of the Chapter officers and we’ll get your states added.

    A detailed list of the states that have been visited by members is available in the MEMBERS ONLY section.  

    We’ve colored in all of the states.  Now lets see how many we can transition from red to gold, gold to yellow, and so on. If you’re looking for ride ideas, click on any of the states and a new page will open with top rides for that state. 

    Chapter Members Have Each Other’s Back

    Riding in a group has a number of advantages. Besides enjoying a ride with a fun group of people there is always the fact that others will be there to help if you have trouble while out on a ride.

    With the DHDHOG Chapter, the willingness to help each other extends beyond a ride. Our Chapter has started a “volunteers” list to help each other out when there is an unexpected need for assistance. Member Lorraine H. recently had plans to complete a number of yard and garden chores this fall. Unfortunately, a knee injury left her on crutches, and without the ability to complete the work she had planned.

    Shirley R., Chapter Director heard about the jam that Lorraine was in and asked Debbie J., Chapter Hospitality Officer to see if we could muster a group to help Lorraine get the chores taken care of. Email and text messages went out on a Saturday afternoon and by 1:00 Sunday afternoon a number of Chapter Members, their family members and Lorraine’s friends got together and knocked out all of the chores in less than an hour. Needless to say, Lorraine was extremely grateful for having her HOG friends jump in and help her out on such short notice.

    Members of All Ages are Welcome

    Well, almost all ages

    Our 2024 riding season is underway. We’ve had some great rides in prior years, and have had a number of new members join for 2024. Of course, we are always open to adding new members anytime throughout the year.

    Let your riding friends know about our group and invite them to one of our activities or one of our member gatherings. We welcome members of all types and riding skills. Our only requirement is that they are members of the national Harley Owners Group.