Important Reminder Regarding Social Media Security

Recently a member shared the password for the “Members Only” section of the Chapter website on a social media site.  As a result we have had to change the password.

I’m sure that this was an honest mistake.  If I see a similar post from a fellow member asking for information like that, I’m willing to help them out.  But, in doing so I need to make certain that I share the information in a private message, not in a social media post that is visible by people outside of our Chapter.

I look at it this way.  Say I’m with a friend on a crowded elevator with a bunch of strangers.  My friend may ask me a private question, and I may answer him/her directly, but everyone else will hear my response.  What I need to do is wait until I know that there’s no one else to overhear our private conversation.

The “Members Only” section of Chapter website contains information that should not be available outside of our Chapter.  Take a minute and think about our “Event Signups” page.  That contains a list of Chapter events, the dates and times, and the members who have signed up for it.  So, if I’m a bad actor looking to break into homes, I will have a handy list of who will be gone on all day or overnight events. (This is also why we encourage members to only use their last name initial when registering.)

Social media security should not be limited to just passwords.  Member’s first and last names, telephone numbers, and other personal identifying information should not be shared in Facebook posts, Messenger groups, and other tools that may be viewed by the public at large.  Share that type of information only via direct communications with others, ensuring that your responses are not visible to anyone else.