Greetings from the Officers of the DHD HOG Chapter

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There’s Plenty of Riding Time Left

We’ve got a number of pre-planned rides left on the calendar, but we’re always looking for new ideas.  Are you thinking of someplace you’d like to visit, but haven’t made it there yet?  Do you know a good backroad stop where there is great food?  Let’s here what’s on your mind.

We are still open to planning weekday rides for members who can’t join us on the weekends.  We tried several “Day Tripper” rides, but had very little participation.  Contact the Head Road Captain if you have ideas on better days and times to have weekday rides.


Want to View the Chapter Calendar on Your Smart Phone?

Several Chapter members have asked how to access the events calendar from their smart phone or similar device.  The “official” calendar is found at this web site, however we do clone calendar entries to a Google Calendar.  This makes it possible to view the Chapter’s calendar on your device’s calendar by simply adding it as an additional calendar to view.  Send an email to if you would like instructions on how to access the cloned calendar. 

Text Messaging is Back

With riding season now in full swing it is helpful to have reminders of events, and especially if a ride is rained out or canceled for another reason.  Read about this newly restored feature in the News section of the website.  

So, You Think You Know Everything About Harley Davidson Motorcycles?

At our last Chapter gathering Dan had suggested we try out our Harley Davidson trivia knowledge by adding a new Harley Trivia page to our  website.  Sound like fun?   Our first question has been posted, so see if you can come up with the answer and share your thoughts at our next Chapter gathering.  Note that some of the questions may not be as simple as they first appear.  


We’ve Got Some Ride Suggestions, Let’s Hear Some More

We recently were able to put together rides up through the month of July, but we’d sure like to fill out the rest of the calendar with ideas from our members.  Any and all ideas are welcome.  We typically like to plan rides that are:

  • Lunch or dinner rides – Rides that are from 1/2 to 1 hour rides.  Typically to a place to enjoy a meal together.  (Note that in 2020 several of the meals on these rides consisted of snacks from a convenience store.)
  • All day rides – Rides that last anywhere from 1/2 to a full day.  Typically to an area of interest such as Gavins Point dam or to visit Freedom Rocks.
  • Overnight rides – Rides that involve 1 or more overnight stays.  Attending Sturgis or riding the Great River Road route.

Repeating a favorite ride is always an option, but enjoying a new route is even better.  Share your suggestions by emailing any of the Chapter officers.