Don’t Let This Happen to Your Bike

We may not be riding as a group during the pandemic, but there’s no reason you can’t go out and enjoy riding solo until the crisis passes.

Live to Ride – Ride to Live

Greetings from the Members of the DHD HOG Chapter

March Activities to be Deferred

By now everyone should be aware of the Coronavirus disease that is sweeping the world.  In order to avoid the risk of having  members get exposed to the virus during one of our activities the HOG officers have decided that it would be best if we defer our activities planned for March.  Our calendar will be cleared for the month of March, and we’ll reschedule the “Spring Degree Ride” when it appears that we will be safe to continue our group activities.

In the meantime please ride safe, be safe and stay healthy! 

2020 Photo Contest Has Been Announced

The photo challenge for this year is a bit different than what we have done in the past.  Our theme this for this year is historical markers.  Members are challenged to find national, state, county and local historical markers and to take a picture of your bike next to the marker.  There will be multiple prizes based on the the total number of markers that are photographed as well as which member has a photo from the furthest historical marker.  Additional details may be found under the News tab above. 

What Happened to the Password?

Are you suddenly having trouble accessing the “Members  Only” pages?  The Chapter updates the website password once a year, and you will need to use the updated password starting on March first.  Members who have paid their 2020 dues should have received an email with the new password.  If you’re current with your dues but haven’t received the new password contact any Chapter officer to get the new password.  If you haven’t paid your dues yet, you will need to sign the 2020 waiver and submit your payment in person or mail it to Defiance Harley Davidson.

Draft Notice

Is it going to come to that?  With the new year we normally ask for members to step up and volunteer with running the Chapter.  We’ve had a good group of volunteers help out over the past couple of years, but naturally they would like to have a break and let others take the lead for the next term.  There are a number of positions that need to be filled.  Most of the positions have very little requirements in terms of time commitments or knowledge of how to fulfill a role as an officer.  

Contact Dan H. at the dealership ( if you’re ready to do your part.  Dan can let you know which positions need to be filled, and has a description of the typical duties for each position. 

Otherwise,,, we may need to send you an “Order to Report” notice in the mail. (Just kidding!)