Greetings from the Officers of the DHD HOG Chapter

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Signup for the Chapter Picnic Now!

Plans have been set for our annual picnic.  All that is left is for you to signup so we know how many people we need to feed.  Please signup now so we can ensure we have a good count. 


Another Great Year of Riding Ahead

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Another Donation from Mike M. 

Once again our thanks to Mike M. for his donation of a unique plaque recognizing the DHD Harley Owners Group.  This will be displayed, along with “The Bird” plaque that was presented to Mike for his contributions in founding the predecessor Chapter – OCBHOG.  Mike has, of course, been a charter member of the DHDHOG chapter.

Take a moment to thank Mike for his generous donations.   


Charter Member Gives Chapter “The Bird”

But it’s not what you may think.  

Mike M., a charter member of the DHD HOG Chapter as well as a charter member of OCBHOG (the predecessor to the current Chapter) has been doing some house cleaning and decided to donate his impressive eagle plaque that was awarded to him as a thank you for his work in organizing the OCBHOG Chapter.  It is truly a work of art that must be seen.  The plan is to find an appropriate place within the dealership to display the plaque.  

Our sincere thanks to Mike for his generous gift to the Chapter!

Shhh, It’s a Secret

Can’t get into the “Members Only” section of the website?  We have updated the password for that section of the website for the upcoming season.  The new password was shared that March Chapter gathering.  If you’re a member for the 2022 riding season reach out to any of the Chapter officers and ask for the new password.  

Check Out the New Calendar

You may have noticed that the Chapter calendar on the website has a new look.   Recently, the provider of the calendar plug-in for our website discontinued support for the version that we had been using, and forced all users to install their new version.  The appearance of it is more basic, however it has added several new features that you may appreciated. 

First, the basic appearance of the calendar makes it work better when viewing the calendar from a smart phone.  The new calendar will also support “pop up” information when you hover your cursor over a calendar entry.  This is much quicker to render since the page does not need to be reloaded.

Second, there is a new feature where you can integrate the Chapter’s calendar into your smartphone’s built in calendar.  This minimizes the need to go to the Chapter website to check on events.  For privacy reasons you will still need to use the calendar on the Chapter website to view who’s signed up for various events. 

If you have questions regarding the use of this new calendar please reach out to Timm B. at

Where Else Would You Like to Ride To in 2022?

Thanks to all members who took the time after our last Chapter gathering to help plan out our ride schedule for this riding season.  We’ve got a number of great rides on the calendar, but there’s no reason we can’t add more.  


And don’t forget about calling an “impromptu” ride whenever you get the urge to ride and would like to see if any other Chapter members would like to join.  With the cold weather upon us there will still be a day or two where you might want to take the bike out for a bit.  Just reach out to a Chapter officer and ask them to send a text message announcing your plan to go out and enjoy a good day for a ride. 

Text Messaging is Back

With riding season now in full swing it is helpful to have reminders of events, and especially if a ride is rained out or canceled for another reason.  Read about this newly restored feature in the News section of the website.  

So, You Think You Know Everything About Harley Davidson Motorcycles?

At our last Chapter gathering Dan had suggested we try out our Harley Davidson trivia knowledge by adding a new Harley Trivia page to our  website.  Sound like fun?   Our first question has been posted, so see if you can come up with the answer and share your thoughts at our next Chapter gathering.  Note that some of the questions may not be as simple as they first appear.