Greetings from the Officers of the DHD HOG Chapter

The Harley Demo Ride Trailer is Coming to Defiance HD

How would you like a chance to ride many of the latest models of Harley Davidson motorcycles?  Defiance Harley Davidson will be hosting the demo ride trailer from Harley Davidson this year for this area. Defiance is asking the Chapter if we can get some volunteers to help with this. This is a great opportunity to ride a bike that maybe you’ve been wanting to try.

The truck will be at the dealership Wednesday, August 5th through Saturday, August 8th, from 10am to 5pm each day.  Ideally, they would like 5-8 people for each day.  They need 2 for registration, 1 for orientation, 1 for trike orientation/practice, and (if enough volunteers are available)  2 for lead and sweep.  

Sign up sheets are available at Defiance Harley Davidson.  

Covid -19 Challenge

Congratulations to our Covid-19 Challenge winners!  The winners were:

  1. First place went to Corrina W.
  2. Second place went to Gail W.
  3. Third place went to Silvester J.

As a Chapter we’ve managed to tally up 51,343 miles as of July 17th.  We still have a long ways to go to reach our year end goal, so use this period of good weather and loosening restrictions on visiting public places to get out and ride.  

2020 Photo Contest Has Been Announced

The photo challenge for this year is a bit different than what we have done in the past.  Our theme this for this year is historical markers.  Members are challenged to find national, state, county and local historical markers and to take a picture of your bike next to the marker.  There will be multiple prizes based on the the total number of markers that are photographed as well as which member has a photo from the furthest historical marker.  Additional details may be found under the News tab above. 

The coronavirus shouldn’t keep you from going out on solo rides to get some photos.  There’s already a few members who have submitted photos.  Let’s see who can find the most markers.