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Greetings from the Chapter officers.

Important Update Regarding Text Messaging

Check the News page for an important announcement regarding the text messaging service.  

Enjoy the Autumn Riding Season

Nothing beats hopping on your bike and taking a ride through the countryside.  Everyone has their own favorite time of the year to go out and enjoy a ride, but few can argue with the fact that the autumn season is the most picturesque time to ride.

Naturally, the number of planned rides that the Chapter hosts are fewer when weather turns cold.  It’s hard to predict on which days it will be nice enough to enjoy a ride.  However, when there’s that one day when you step outside and say: “This is a great day for a ride!” why not call an “ad-hoc” ride and invite other Chapter members to join you?   

If you ever feel like you’d like to jump on the bike and join other Chapter members for a ride simply send an email to the Webmaster or another Chapter Officer and ask them to forward your email the group inviting them to join you for a ride and where the other members can meet up with you.  Of course, the more advance notice you give, the greater the number of other members that may join you.  But, when the mood strikes, go “Ride and Have Fun”!

Help Wanted: Chapter Photographer

In case you haven’t heard Corrina, our current (former?) Chapter Photographer has moved out of town.  Thus, we are looking for a member to take over her role as the Chapter Photographer.  Do you have a camera or a smart phone?  Then you have all that it takes to be our next photographer!  

The Chapter Photographer has two basic roles:

  1. He or she take pictures from the various Chapter events that they participate in so that they may be included in the Chapter photo pages.   You won’t need to participate in every Chapter event.  Just ask others who are participating to forward any photos they take so they can be consolidated into our photo pages.  
  2. They will decide on the annual photo challenge.

Computer skills are not necessary.  You will simply need to upload photos from your camera/phone/laptop.  Please contact any of the Chapter officers if you would like to help support our Chapter.  

The Riding Season Isn’t Over Yet

Check the Chapter calendar and join us for a ride whenever you can.  We’ve still got a number of of short and long rides planned, and are always interested in your suggestions.  Also, as of November 2oth we’ve logged a total of 85,434 miles as a Chapter.  Make certain that you’ve logged your latest odometer readings!  We’re getting short on time to reach our 2019 goal of 100,000 miles for the Chapter, so we need everyone out there riding and logging your miles.  Contact any officer if you need help with accessing the mileage challenge.  

If you’re not a current member of the Chapter you may join the Chapter (or renew your membership) by visiting the Join the Chapter page.  Or, better yet, come to our next Chapter meeting and sign up in person.  Meetings are generally held on the second Saturday of the month at 10:00 am at the Defiance Harley Davidson dealership.    

How is Your Motorcycle Safety Knowledge?

Are you going to brave the winter season and keep riding whenever you can?  Not everyone is willing to brave the cold weather and winter roads.  Those who like to ride whenever the weather (and the streets) permit, there is always a need to consider the impact of cold temperatures on you and whatever you take on the road.  The Safety Information page has a temperature related trivia question for you to ponder.   Take a moment to read it and see if you can share the correct answer at our next Chapter gathering.