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Greetings from the Members of the DHD HOG Chapter

Riding Season May Not Have to Wait 6 More Weeks After All

Winter just isn’t the time to go riding your bike whenever the mood hits.  And we all know that Groundhog Day will inevitably tell us that we’ll have to sit out 6 more weeks of winter before the start of the spring riding season.  This is, assuming the groundhog sees his shadow.

Chapter members got together on Groundhog day to see to it that didn’t happen.  Check out the photo album to see the fun that can still be had even when it’s wintertime.  (BTW,,, that Sunday was 59 degrees in the afternoon.  Nice enough for some of us to get out and enjoy a brief ride!)


Happy New Riding Year!

We had a lot of fun as a Chapter in 2019 and look forward to more of the same for 2020.  We’ll start with our annual holiday party on January 11th.  Don’t forget to register so we can order the proper amount of food.   The cost is $15 per person and should be paid by January 4th.  You may pay at the clothes counter or mail your check to Defiance Harley Davidson.  

Also, don’t forget that membership in the DHD Chapter must be renewed at the start of the new year.  Complete the new membership form for 2020 and either mail it or drop it off at Defiance Harley Davidson along with your $20 membership fee.   Remember that you must be a member of the national HOG Chapter to be eligible for membership in the DHD Chapter.

Next, keep an eye out for email and updated calendar entries as we start to fill out our activities for the year.  We’d love to hear your suggestions for rides, places to eat, and places to have fun when weather isn’t cooperative.  Post your suggestions on the website or email one of the officers with your suggestions.   

Draft Notice

Is it going to come to that?  With the new year we normally ask for members to step up and volunteer with running the Chapter.  We’ve had a good group of volunteers help out over the past couple of years, but naturally they would like to have a break and let others take the lead for the next term.  There are a number of positions that need to be filled.  Most of the positions have very little requirements in terms of time commitments or knowledge of how to fulfill a role as an officer.  

Contact Dan H. at the dealership ( if you’re ready to do your part.  Dan can let you know which positions need to be filled, and has a description of the typical duties for each position. 

Otherwise,,, we may need to send you an “Order to Report” notice in the mail. (Just kidding!)

The 2019 Riding Season Exceeded Our Mileage Target

Thanks to our top two mileage contestants,   Corrina W. and Gail W., the Chapter logged a total of 107,137 miles for the year.  Our target was 100,000 miles for 2019, and we will likely set that as the goal for 2020 as well.  However, since Corrina has relocated to the Kansas City area we won’t be able to count on her to contribute another 18,932 miles again.  We’ll need to come up with more rides, and members participating, if we want to hit that mark again.  Suggestions please.