Greetings from the Officers of the DHD HOG Chapter

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday season. 

Chapter Activities Suspended For The Time Being

With the spike in Corona virus cases and the restrictions that have been put in place for public gatherings the Chapter has suspended all group activities until such time that the City of Omaha and Defiance Harley Davidson determines that it is safe to resume activities. Disappointing, yes.  However the safety of the Chapter members and their friends and family must come first.

An email will be sent as soon as we are able to restart our activities.  Notices will also be posted on this website as well as the Facebook page.

It’s Incredible! Over 131,000 Miles Logged!

It’s hard to believe that our Chapter has logged over 131,000 miles since the start of the pandemic.  We beat our original target of 125,000 miles by a wide margin!  Of course, having a number of great rides has helped raise the number.  That, along with having new members join that enjoy riding as much as the rest of us.  

But, let’s not overlook the fact that we had 5 members log over 10,000 miles each.  Hats (helmets) off to Corrina, John, Gail, Roger and Dave.    

Now that winter is almost upon us, and with the continued restrictions in place due to the Corona virus, our options to ride as a group are extremely limited.  Of course, members are always able to ride solo whenever the opportunity arises.  And members are always free to organize impromptu rides as well.  If you get a spur of the moment urge to go for a ride with your fellow Chapter members just contact one of the officers and ask them to email the group to see if they would like to join.  


It’s Your Turn To Serve

It’s that time again to find new leaders for our Chapter.  We’ve been blessed to have the group of officers who have worked hard to come up with a bunch of great rides and activities over the last year.  No easy feat, considering the challenges of the pandemic!  But, it’s time to give others the opportunity to step up (and for the current officers to have a break) and help keep the Chapter running at full throttle for 2021.  

The current officers may have worked hard for 2020, but serving as a Chapter officer doesn’t take that much time or special knowledge.  It just takes couple of hours a month to meet and organize activities.  If you’d like step up and help your Chapter by serving as an office reach out to Dan or any of the current officers to see what position you may be interested in assuming.