Greetings from the Officers of the DHD HOG Chapter

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Another Great Year of Riding

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Make Plans to Attend the Holiday Party

Raid Your Basement and the Back of Your Closet

Plans for the Holiday party are starting to come together, and you’re going to “dig it”.  Plan to leave your “crib” on January 15th, jump into your “shaggin’ wagon” and plan to”boogie on down” to the Eagle Hills golf course clubhouse.  You’re sure to have a “groovy” time “chillaxin” with your fellow Chapter members.  

More details will be sent in email updates as well as on the Chapter calendar.

Where Would You Like to Ride To in 2022?

As we wrap up another riding season it’s time to start thinking about where to ride next year.  There will be be, of course, the usual rides that we always enjoy.  But there are certainly new places that we haven’t been to before, or at least haven’t visited for some time.


Share your suggestions with any of the Chapter officers.  Either in person or via email.  We’re open to rides of any duration:

  • 1 Hour lunch or dinner ride.
  • 1/2 day ride
  • Full day ride
  • Overnight / weekend rides.

And don’t forget about calling an “impromptu” ride whenever you get the urge to ride and would like to see if any other Chapter members would like to join.  With the cold weather upon us there will still be a day or two where you might want to take the bike out for a bit.  Just reach out to a Chapter officer and ask them to send a text message announcing your plan to go out and enjoy a good day for a ride. 

Last Call to Get Your Mileage Updated!

December is quickly approaching.  Our cutoff date for the mileage challenge is November 30th.  Get your milage recorded before then in order to ensure that you are entered into the drawing for the mileage challenge. 

If you’re not certain how to enter your mileage reach out to Timm B. ( and he will ensure that your mileage is updated.

Time to Change Your Batteries

October was “Fire Safety Month”, where everyone is reminded to change the batteries in their smoke detectors.  A really good idea, but think about how many other devices use batteries, and when is the last time you changed them?

A lot of people have key fobs for their bikes and cars/trucks.  Ever been prevented from starting your ride because the battery in the fob died?  The same goes for things such as garage door transmitters, alarm clocks with battery backup, flashlights that you rely on in case of a power outage, newer thermostats in your home, and the list goes on.

One other important battery to consider replacing: the battery in your cars, trucks and motorcycles.   The upcoming cold weather months will put a heavy strain on those batteries.  You should consider replacing those batteries if they are more than 4 years old to prevent getting stuck in miserable cold weather.

Want to View the Chapter Calendar on Your Smart Phone?

Several Chapter members have asked how to access the events calendar from their smart phone or similar device.  The “official” calendar is found at this web site, however we do clone calendar entries to a Google Calendar.  This makes it possible to view the Chapter’s calendar on your device’s calendar by simply adding it as an additional calendar to view.  Send an email to if you would like instructions on how to access the cloned calendar. 

Text Messaging is Back

With riding season now in full swing it is helpful to have reminders of events, and especially if a ride is rained out or canceled for another reason.  Read about this newly restored feature in the News section of the website.  

So, You Think You Know Everything About Harley Davidson Motorcycles?

At our last Chapter gathering Dan had suggested we try out our Harley Davidson trivia knowledge by adding a new Harley Trivia page to our  website.  Sound like fun?   Our first question has been posted, so see if you can come up with the answer and share your thoughts at our next Chapter gathering.  Note that some of the questions may not be as simple as they first appear.