What’s Up With Facebook?

There has been some interest expressed in using Facebook with the Chapter. We’ve had several false starts with this in the past, so recently we’ve “wipe the slate clean” in terms of the Chapter’s use of Facebook. This was necessary to improve maintenance and control of Facebook postings.

We’ve now created a new Facebook “group” named Dhdhog Omaha. This group is owned by the dhdhog4411@gmail.com userid. Note that the dhdhog4411@gmail.com userid is not intended to act as a typical Facebook account. We won’t accept any friend requests against that ID. Chapter members will be allowed to join and post to the new group.

Email invitations have been sent to all known Chapter members’ email addresses. If you are aware of someone who hasn’t received an email invitation simply direct them to the Facebook group and they will be able to request to be added.

If you’re not a Facebook user and you received an email invitation you may simply disregard the invitation.