H.O.G. Touring Rallies for 2022 Announced

  • Run to the Sun Touring Rally, March 1-4, Virginia Beach, VA to St. Augustine, FL
  • Spring Heat in Arizona Touring Rally, April 2-5, Lancaster, CA to Scottsdale, AZ
  • Big Trees of California Touring Rally, May 31-June 5, Bakersfield to Eureka, CA
  • A Gem of a Ride Touring Rally, June 16-21, Boise, ID to Lindon, UT
  • Grand Museum Touring Rally, July 5-14 Birmingham, AL to Milwaukee, WI
  • Lake Superior Touring Rally, July 25-29, Marquette, MI to Marquette, MI
  • Bay, Lakes, & Mountains Touring Rally, Aug. 15-19, Annapolis, MD to Lebanon, NH
  • West Meets East 25th Anniversary Posse Touring Rally, Sept 4-16, Lynwood, WA to St. Augustine, FL