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Safety Question(s) of the Month

Test Your Biker Brain

The following quiz is from the Delaware Office of Highway Safety.  Take a minute to see how well you score.  We’ll discuss answers at our next Chapter gathering. 

  1. If your bike suddenly starts to wobble or shake, get on the brakes.
  2. Motorcycle tires have less grip when the weather gets colder.
  3. Bad weather puts drivers and motorcyclists at equal risk.
  4. Goggles offer you the same protection as a face shield.
  5. Even one drink can affect your riding ability, decision-making and reaction time.
  6. A steady high beam draws motorists’ attention to you just as well as a flashing or pulsing headlamp.
  7. A passenger should just hold on while you do all the leaning and body positioning.
  8. Painted road surfaces offer the same traction as asphalt, whether wet or dry.
  9. A motorcycle is no more likely to be in a driver’s blind spot than a car is.
  10. In a panic stop, your front wheel is more likely to lock up than your back wheel.
  11. Braking during a turn is just as effective as braking before the turn.
  12. More motorcycle crashes occur in turns than at intersections.
  13. Leathers or protective gear need only be worn on long-distance or higher-speed rides.
  14. If a dog or deer comes at you, swerving around it is better than slowing down then accelerating.
  15. In a group ride, newbies are best protected by riding in the middle of the group.
  16. Once you make eye contact with the driver of a car, you are safer.
  17. When riding in the rain, you should ride in the tracks of cars instead of near the shoulder.
  18. A flat rear tire is just as dangerous as a front flat.
  19. When swerving, it’s OK to brake hard at the same time.
  20. Half-coverage helmets provide the same protection as open-face or full-face helmets.

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