Safety Information

Safety Question of the Month

Being aware of even the smallest of details can help you ride more safely.  Here’s a question for you to ponder.

You are riding in a rural area on a two-lane road. You have been traveling at 55 mph all day but are now stuck behind several cars moving at 35. You are not in a big hurry, but you are annoyed and getting impatient.

Finally: a passing zone!

There is no oncoming traffic so you signal, check your mirror and blind spot, pull out to pass and accelerate. As you come alongside the row of cars, your eye catches a turn signal flashing and you suddenly realize there’s a driveway coming up on the left. Your heart drops into your stomach, and you watch in slow motion as the lead car turns left in front of you. What would you do?

Be ready to share your answer at the March Chapter meeting.

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