Harley Trivia

How Well Do You Know Your “Harley History”?

March Trivia Question

Harley Davidson has not been the only manufacturer of motorcycles for the U.S. market.  Over the years there have been a number of competitors not only from the U.S. market, but the European and Asian markets as well.    In 1953, Harley-Davidson’s oldest competitor close its doors.  What was the name of that competitor?


February Trivia Question

The Harley Davidson Motor Company is known for producing top of the line motorcycles since 1903.  When most people think of a Harley, they think of the distinctive sound of the V-twin engine.  (That is, unless they own a LiveWire!). 

But, did you know that Harley Davidson’s first motorcycles were not V-twins?  The trivia question for February is: “In what year did Harley Davidson introduce the V-twin engine as a regular part of their lineup?”

The answer is: 1911.  The V-twin was originally introduced in 1909, however it suffered problems and was withdrawn.  In 1911 a modified V-twin was reintroduced as a permanent part of Harley Davidson’s lineup.