Harley Trivia

How Well Do You Know Your “Harley History”?

April Trivia Question

The H-D snowmobile was introduced in what year?


March Trivia Question

Harley Davidson was one of two motorcycle manufacturers in the U.S.  to survive the Depression.  What was the other manufacturer?

Indian Motorcyle Manufacturing Company


February Trivia Question

In 1922, Harley-Davidson created a bike so that they could test their new product. Even in 2002 this feature is just one of many that makes the Harley so special. What was the special feature that was added to the motorcycles 1922?

The 74 cu in. V-Twin engine.

January Trivia Question

Many celebrities have been seen on Harley Davidson’s over the years. In 1956 a young Elvis Presley was featured on the cover of Harley Davidson’s magazine. What is the magazine called?

The Enthusiast

December Trivia Question

The Black Hills Rally is a very popular motorcycle rally held annually in Sturgis, SD.  What motorcycle club started this great rally?

The Jack Pine Gypsies Motorcycle Club

November Trivia Question

What saloon in Sturgis, SD has part of the name of a Harley Davidson engine as its name?

The Knuckle Saloon.

October Trivia Question

This one is a two-part question.

  1. We’ve all heard the various names of famous Harley Davidson engines.   How many different “Big Twin” engine sizes have been produced?
  2. Can you name all of them?

According to Wikipedia, there have been 8 “Big Twin” engine sizes.

  1. Flathead
  2. Knucklehead
  3. Panhead
  4. Shovelhead
  5. Evolution
  6. Twincam 88ci
  7. Twincam 96ci
  8. Milwaukee 8


September Trivia Question

Every Harley rider has to have the obligatory black leather jacket. What year did Harley Davidson begin selling these popular items?

Harley Davidson sold their first black leather jacket in 1947.

August Trivia Question

What does the designation of “B” stand for on the engine type? For example a 2000 softail engine would be a Twin Cam 88B.

Balanced Crank


June Trivia Question

Here’s a two part question for you.  The current version of the Harley Owners Group was released in what year?  What feature of the new logo is meant to imply that the Owners Group is looking to seek new horizons and adventures?

The direction that the eagle is facing. 


May Trivia Question

In what year did Harley Davidson celebrate their 100th anniversary?

Harley Davidson celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2003. 


April Trivia Question

The Sportster Hugger was introduced in 1988. This model offered a drastic change over the other models.  Which one of these?

  • Lowered the suspension to a 26 inch seat height.
  • Wider front wheel & full rim on back wheel.
  • Removal of the famous peanut tank.

The Sportster Hugger model featured a lowered suspension to a 26 inch seat height.

March Trivia Question

C.H. Lang opened the very first Harley Davidson dealership. In which city was this store opened?

The sale of the first Harley Davidson motorcycle was made in the city of Chicago.


January / February Trivia Question

The H-D snowmobile was introduced in what year?


December Trivia Question

Harley Davidson produced and sold a motor scooter in 1960. What was this motor scooter named?


The Topper.

November Trivia Question

What company did Harley Davidson merge with in 1969?  (Isn’t this required knowledge to join a H.O.G. chapter?)

Harley Davidson was acquired by American Machine and Foundry (AMF) in 1969. 

October Trivia Question

In 1922, Harley-Davidson created a bike so that they could test their new product. Even in 2002 this feature is just one of many that makes the Harley so special. What was the special feature that was added to the motorcycles 1922?

With the success of their motorcycles, the inventors were willing and able to try something new. In 1922, they invented the 74 cu in. V-Twin Engine. By doing so, they made the Harley the fastest motorcycle around. Today, the Harley-Davidson is world renowned for its speed.

July Trivia Question

In 1957, Harley-Davidson created the bike that would boost them to stardom. This bike design is still in existence today. What is the name of this bike?

In 1957, Harley-Davidson created the Sportster. This bike is the most favored design ever created by Harley-Davidson. WWF’s Undertaker rides the Sportster Lowrider. Harley-Davidson combined the design of both bikes in 1991 to create the Sportster Lowrider. This bike was mainly designed for cruising, but a word of advice, don’t try to out race this bike. This bike rivals all bikes that have been manufactured by Harley-Davidson. The only changes that have been made through the years on this model cycle, is the speed of its engine.

June Trivia Question

In which year did the first police department start using Harley Davidson motorcycles?

The answer is: In 1907, police departments started to use the motorized cycle to catch crimals at a quicker speed. They enjoyed the freedom that the cycle gave them. Thus, making their jobs easier. Even today police departments throughout the country still have policemen that perform their duties while riding a Harley-Davidson.

April/May Trivia Question

Harley Davidson motorcycles are affectionately referred to as HOGs.  Our Chapter is known as a Harley Owners Group: H.O.G.  However, was the term HOG in reference to the motorcycles coined from the Harley Owners Group, or did the HOG moniker come from another source?

The answer is: A group of Harley racers had a hog as their mascot.  Whenever they would win a race they would take a victory lap with the hog on the back.

March Trivia Question

Harley Davidson has not been the only manufacturer of motorcycles for the U.S. market.  Over the years there have been a number of competitors not only from the U.S. market, but the European and Asian markets as well.    In 1953, Harley-Davidson’s oldest competitor close its doors.  What was the name of that competitor?

The answer is: Indian Motorcycles


February Trivia Question

The Harley Davidson Motor Company is known for producing top of the line motorcycles since 1903.  When most people think of a Harley, they think of the distinctive sound of the V-twin engine.  (That is, unless they own a LiveWire!). 

But, did you know that Harley Davidson’s first motorcycles were not V-twins?  The trivia question for February is: “In what year did Harley Davidson introduce the V-twin engine as a regular part of their lineup?”

The answer is: 1911.  The V-twin was originally introduced in 1909, however it suffered problems and was withdrawn.  In 1911 a modified V-twin was reintroduced as a permanent part of Harley Davidson’s lineup.