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Important Reminder Regarding Social Media Security

Recently a member shared the password for the “Members Only” section of the Chapter website on a social media site.  As a result we have had to change the password.

I’m sure that this was an honest mistake.  If I see a similar post from a fellow member asking for information like that, I’m willing to help them out.  But, in doing so I need to make certain that I share the information in a private message, not in a social media post that is visible by people outside of our Chapter.

I look at it this way.  Say I’m with a friend on a crowded elevator with a bunch of strangers.  My friend may ask me a private question, and I may answer him/her directly, but everyone else will hear my response.  What I need to do is wait until I know that there’s no one else to overhear our private conversation.

The “Members Only” section of Chapter website contains information that should not be available outside of our Chapter.  Take a minute and think about our “Event Signups” page.  That contains a list of Chapter events, the dates and times, and the members who have signed up for it.  So, if I’m a bad actor looking to break into homes, I will have a handy list of who will be gone on all day or overnight events. (This is also why we encourage members to only use their last name initial when registering.)

Social media security should not be limited to just passwords.  Member’s first and last names, telephone numbers, and other personal identifying information should not be shared in Facebook posts, Messenger groups, and other tools that may be viewed by the public at large.  Share that type of information only via direct communications with others, ensuring that your responses are not visible to anyone else. 

2023 Photo Challenge Rules

The following list are the approved rules for the 2023 DHD HOG photo challenge:

  1. All State parks, recreation areas, and historical parks/sites are approved if the sign shows the State designation.  The member’s bike & sign are required for the photo. All 50 US State photos are eligible for photo submission.
  2. All National parks, recreation areas, and historical parks/sites are approved if the sign shows the National designation. The member’s bike & sign are required for the photo. Only US National site photos are eligible for photo submission.
  3. Any member who rents a bike and rides to a US State or National Park, recreation area, or historical park/site as designated by the sign posted will be eligible to submit a photo. Since the bike is rented, the member must be in the photo along with the bike and sign to be valid
  4. Only US State or National photos are eligible for photo submission.
  5. Group photos are valid if the accompanying email clearly states each member’s name and location.
  6. For each emailed entry, you must include your full name (first and last) and location of the photo. This is required for the entry to be valid. Location requires the name of the park & state where the photo was taken. For group photos each person in the group photo will be accepted as a separate entry, without requiring a separate submitted email, as long as rule #5 is followed.*
  7. Multiple location photos can be submitted at the same time if the name and location of each photo are noted in the email.
  8. All entries must be submitted to: no later than December 1st, 2023 by 10:00pm. Entries received after the deadline will not be valid.

*Group submission suggestion: cc: those individuals in your group on the email, so they don’t submit a duplicate entry.


  • $50 gift card for the individual that turns in the most photos
  • $25 gift card for the winner of the random drawing for anyone that turned in at least 1 photo.

Waiver Forms for Chapter Events

Guests are welcome for most Chapter events. However, it is important to ensure that your guests have signed appropriate waiver forms. The 4 most important waiver forms that members may need to ask their guests to sign are now available on our Chapter website. To access these forms you can click on this link or look for the page with the forms under the Members Only | Waiver Forms for Chapter Events menu option.

‘Members Only’ Password Updated

Every new membership year we change the password for all of the password protected pages on the Chapter website. The new password has been applied as of January 14th. You must use the new password from that date forward.

The new password was shared at the January 14th Chapter gathering. If you were not able to attend and have already paid your 2023 dues you may contact any of the Chapter officers to get the new password.

What’s Up With Facebook?

There has been some interest expressed in using Facebook with the Chapter. We’ve had several false starts with this in the past, so recently we’ve “wipe the slate clean” in terms of the Chapter’s use of Facebook. This was necessary to improve maintenance and control of Facebook postings.

We’ve now created a new Facebook “group” named Dhdhog Omaha. This group is owned by the userid. Note that the userid is not intended to act as a typical Facebook account. We won’t accept any friend requests against that ID. Chapter members will be allowed to join and post to the new group.

Email invitations have been sent to all known Chapter members’ email addresses. If you are aware of someone who hasn’t received an email invitation simply direct them to the Facebook group and they will be able to request to be added.

If you’re not a Facebook user and you received an email invitation you may simply disregard the invitation.