Any Interest in Labor Day ride to meet with Thunder Mountain Chapter?

From the Thunder Mountain Chapter

I see North Platte/Kearney as being about a half way point. What if we met in one of those locations for a lunch and may be did more riding in the afternoon. I would propose we make this an overnight event as one option and plan to ride home on Sunday. Do you know of any riding in that area to plan something? I have been to Kearney area where I know of some places to eat/hotels.

As for Thunder in the Rockies, how many people are interested in coming out? We could probably do a few rides, potentially have some of your folks help us out with the demo truck, etc. There would be hotels in the area, but may be a 30 min drive, we may also have some chapter members willing to have folks stay at their place.

Please click on Leave a comment below and let us know if you’re interested.

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